Skills Blueprint - Powered by Lightcast
Skills Blueprint and Lightcast supports creating and modernizing skill data
Conduct job-based Market Comparison to find skill insights for your jobs
Supercharge existing upskilling and reskilling functions
Blueprints are the plans to something great.

SumTotal Skills Blueprint - powered by Lightcast - gives licensed customers the job and skills blueprints to supercharge their upskilling, reskilling, and talent development efforts. Coming to the SumTotal Suite in our 22.3 release this November, Skills Blueprint is a new product add-on that delivers Lightcast's market-informed data to customers - who are starting their own skill taxonomy, modernizing an aging database, or staying on the leading edge of skilling in their industry.
With Skills Blueprint enabled, customers can explore job and skill data from Lightcast, the leader in labor market data, to inform their SumTotal skill data. These unique market insights also support enhanced organization planning and organization management, and help ensure jobs are attracting the proper talent for the work required. Organizations who embrace a modern skill taxonomy to power upskilling and reskilling functionality see more engaged employees, quicker staffing times for gigs, projects, and open roles, and unlock greater value from their content library.
In 22.3, Skills Blueprint will bring in Lightcast job and skill data through a Market Comparison workflow, providing job-based insights of the most in-demand, prevalent skills. Using an existing job taxonomy to uncover skill recommendations allows rapid skill management, unlocking upskilling for end-users and reskilling functionality for leaders and administrators. In 2023, Skills Blueprint will see additional functionalities around Lightcast data, including more job demand and job attribute data, even more skill details, data export/management options, additional skill recommendations, and more. Our partnership with Lightcast will also be instrumental in delivering intelligent skill recommendations around learning content and more.
As we get closed to our release of Skills Blueprint, more information will be available through the SumTotal Marketplace and SumTotal Connect. Contact your SumTotal Professional for more information and how to get started with SumTotal Skills Blueprint.

To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

More information about what will be involved in the SumTotal and Lightcast partnership will be available soon. Follow the SumTotal blog and SumTotal Connect for future updates, or contact

These are two separate partnerships. While Skillsoft's Skill Benchmarks are built around Lightcast skill data, SumTotal's integration will focus on real-time market data.

Built on SumTotal's Core Platform, Skills Blueprint uses core security and suite-wide configuration flags to control functionality. In addition, the architecture of Skills Blueprint allows for a simplified integration setup. Once 22.3 becomes generally available, we will share more details on the options customers who license Skills Blueprint will have during the setup process.

SumTotal believes that each customer benefits most from a custom skill taxonomy that best fits the individual organization. Skills Blueprint will not replace your existing skill taxonomy; rather, Skills Blueprint's flagship feature - Market Comparison - delivers Lightcast's job-based skill data to your fingertips: providing the information you need to make informed decisions about improving your own skill taxonomy.

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