Lightcast - formerly Emsi Burning Glass - is the undisputed leader in the labor market data world. The newly announced partnership between Lightcast and SumTotal delivers market-level analytics around jobs and skills directly to SumTotal customers.
Whether starting a new skill framework or enhancing an existing taxonomy, this data will supercharge upskilling and reskilling efforts within SumTotal, including internal mobility and career development, development planning, learning and development in the flow of work, and so much more. Paired with SumTotal’s existing skill-based functionality, Lightcast data within SumTotal unlocks how customers identify, partner with, and grow talent across their workforce in real-time.
Stay tuned for more information about this partnership and integration - coming later this year.

To learn more about this, please reach out to:

SumTotal Marketplace Team

More information about what will be involved in the SumTotal and Lightcast partnership will be available soon. Follow the SumTotal blog and SumTotal Connect for future updates, or contact

These are two separate partnerships. While Skillsoft's Skill Benchmarks are built around Lightcast skill data, SumTotal's integration will focus on real-time market data.

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